Budget Hearings & Power contract for WTE: 11.6.17 and 11.13.17 Council Meetings Recap

City Council has been holding hearings on the Administration’s Proposed 2018 budget. On Nov. 4th, we heard from our Fire and Police Chiefs about hiring potentially 10 new officers, as well as continuing to focus on property crime/vehicle theft and other specific initiatives. The budget process is literally a year-long process that starts in the early part of the year when the Finance Dept closes the books on the previous year and begins to make projections for the next. Council discusses and then adopts Budget priorities by April and then the Mayor’s Finance staff begin the long process of engaging with each department throughout the spring and summer, developing a draft programmatic budget to deliver to Council and the community in August/Sept. Then Council begins weekly study sessions to ask questions and get clarity on changes and provide guidance back to the Administration. The Mayor delivers the final budget in October and Council then holds hearings in November and must vote to adopt a balanced budget by the end of December.

This year, because of the development of the Strategic Plan, Council has been able to engage on a whole new level, helping shape both operational investments as well as strategic one-time investments in top Mayor-Council strategic initiatives.

I wanted to note that on Nov. 4th, several individuals came down to comment on the need to share sexual harassment stories and call out leaders who may not be listening or supportive. Unfortunately, our 3 minute Council open forum is not the best opportunity for folks to share long stories…and it is important for the community to hear these stories! I have suggested that the Human Rights Commission provide time on its agenda when Councilmembers and citizens might be able to openly discuss these issues and hear from each other in a more conducive forum. I hope this will be scheduled soon.

I was out of town on a vacation and was not able to be present at the Nov. 13th City Council meeting. However, I do know that at my suggestion, Council voted to put off a decision on the water intertie agreement with Medical lake until next year to allow time for a study session on the aquifer and River to be held and more opportunity for Council to engage with stakeholders and River advocates on water conservation strategies, among other topics.

Also, Council passed an emergency ordinance (6-0, Waldref absent), to enter into a new 5 year contract with Avista to purchase energy generated by the Waste to Energy plant. The urgency was due to entering into the agreement before a new tariff was to be put in place, which would lessen the revenue to the City and to Avista.

It is my understanding that after several issues arose with the Mayor’s proposed 2018 budget, Council voted 6-0 to keep the hearings open and delay a vote on the budget until Monday, Dec. 11th to allow for time to get questions answered and resolve some concerns, mainly around the utilities budget.

So here we are