My Vision and Priorities

I’m committed to fairness, respect, diligence, accountability and transparency

My Commitment

I resolve to:

  • Serve all citizens of Spokane to the best of my ability.
  • Advocate for the needs of District 1.
  • Treat everyone (citizens, city staff, fellow council members) with respect even when we may disagree.
  • Seek out information and listen to all perspectives before making decisions.
  • Communicate openly, honestly and often.
  • Take responsibility for my actions.

Vision for Spokane

I envision the City of Spokane as a strong and vibrant community with safe neighborhoods, a healthy environment, good infrastructure and economic opportunity for all. To that end, I support policies that encourage:

Job growth and sustainable development

  • Focused economic development efforts to advance job growth in Northeast Hillyard and the U-District
  • Increased (re)construction of commercial and residential areas in our designated urban centers/corridors
  • Small business success in historic neighborhood districts

Safe and thriving neighborhoods

  • Crime prevention, neighborhood policing and smart justice
  • Neighborhood traffic calming
  • Targeted housing development and revitalization of neglected areas

Strategic public infrastructure investments

  • Effective Spokane River cleanup strategies
  • Short- and long-term street maintenance programs
  • Current and future transit development opportunities

Responsible and transparent government

  • Fair utility rates and sustainable City budgeting
  • Consistent two-way communication with citizens, business leaders, city staff and other elected officials
  • Open and accountable decision-making

Ongoing Goals and Priorities

Increase community safety

  • Support C.O.P.S. and neighborhood-oriented policing efforts that prevent crime
  • Identify ways to calm traffic and increase bicycle/pedestrian safety
  • Ensure accountability and transparency through the Office of Police Ombudsman

Advance sustainable economic development and job opportunities

  • Support implementation of Spokane’s Center/Corridor policies, specifically infill housing development
  • Identify strategies to encourage the success of our historic business districts
  • Create a targeted economic development plan for industry in East Hillyard as a member of the Northeast Development Board

Support implementation of neighborhood planning efforts, especially in District 1

  • Work with the Planning Dept. and neighborhoods to continue to improve the planning process
  • Identify changes to policy/regulations that can support the outcomes of these efforts

Encourage community involvement in decision-making

  • Actively seek to engage citizens in the community, especially in District 1, through in-person and electronic communications
  • Provide strong leadership and engage the public in critical public transit decisions
  • Work with Community Assembly to resolve neighborhood concerns and identify proactive policy solutions
  • Increase communication and coordination with other area leaders to develop regional solutions and help prioritize the needs of our community